2006 – revised 2012

for string orchestra 
Instrumentation: String orchestra (9 vln, 3 vla, 2 vlc, 1 cb)
Premiere: 2006-12-01; Concert Hall, Växjö/SwedenMusica Vitae/Michael Bartosch
Duration: ca 9′
Program note:
Alcheringa is the term for the creation of the world as perceived by the Aborigines. This concept can be explained as an extra dimension of life, a dimension that has part in time, room and humans personality. Alcheringa is all that we in other religions denotes as divine. The form is a sort of mirror with two gestures spreading out through the piece. The gestures is composed as a micro-polyphony, and thus becomes both still and mobile at the same time. Small “alien objects” are inserted acting as pre-echoes to the rest of the cycle.
Under Heaven is a cycle consisting of 7 parts, each for different kinds of ensembles. They are all composed of the same material and using similar ways of forming. This, however, does not mean that they don’t have a personality but only belong to different cultures – different ways of growing.

full score (2012 version)

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