electronic music
Instrumentation: electronic music
Premiere: 26 Mars 2016, Tuscaloosa, USA
Duration: 3 minutes

Program note:
astrocyte (Astro from Greek astron = star and cyte from Greek “kyttaron” = cell) are characteristic star-shaped glial cells in the brain and spinal cord. Recent research (2015) has shown that these cells have a important role to help the brain to remember. They have also been showed to occilate.

In this electro-acoustic piece, which forms part III of the piece “Ontology of Becoming” for cello solo, electronics and visual performance, I have imagined this “cell – world”; how these cells sends information and how that may sound like.

Formally the piece contains 10 “phrases” of different lengths. (These different phrases; their lengths, construction etc. are connected to the piece in its whole and could be regarded as a way at looking into the brain and see, through the astrocytes, how it treats the memory (and pre-memory) of the piece… a kind of information flow of every part… but condensed).

astrocyte forms the 3rd part of a large scale work for cello, electronics and visual performance.
The visuals are by Thomas Marcusson.


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Demo of visual performance (by T. Marcusson:

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