for ensemble
Instrumentation: alto flute/piccolo, Bb/bass clarinet, oboe/eng. horn, piano, percussion, violin, viola, cello
Premiere: 30 april 2017, Brussels; Odysseia Ensemble
Duration: approx. 12 minutes
Commissioned by: Odysseia Ensemble
Score: Contact the composer

Program note:
The thought-image (Denkbild)—a word used by Walter Benjamin as a kind of generic term for his own shorter text-pieces—can be seen as lying at the heart of his work on thinking-in-images (Bilddenken). His thought-images are dialectical images in written form, literally constellationsbecome-writing (Schrift-gewordene Konstellationen).The concept of images has nothing to do with the history of material images, nor with a ‘mental image’ but as a constellation of resemblances which is figured in a third, beyond a form-content relation.

Missing from the thought-image are the formal features of narrativization. One searches in vain for a central subject or a clearly defined plot development but rather it’s a constant flight from place to place to place.

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