for flute, spatialised electroacoustic sound and live electronics
Instrumentation: flute (with B foot), electronics
Premiere: 8 July 2018, Tokyo; Kazuko Ihara-flute, Denerin-electronics
Duration: approx. 8 minutes
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Recording: Recording available at BabelScores. Use link above!

Program note:
fluchtlinien – With this concept Deleuze and Guattari points at possible alternatives to the dominating approach. One example is how the music sends out lines of flight (fluchtlinien) when it multiplies and spreads like a diverse weed of sound. Fluchtlininen thus indicates the potential for something different to take shape, for example, the opportunity of re-thinking.
Every form of life – a body, a social group, an organism or even a concept – consists of links and connections. Genes come together to form cells; cells are collected to form tribes. The term ‘human being’ is an example of such an interconnection of reason, a certain type of body (white, male), speech, and so on. But every connection also allows a fluchtlinie; there is always the potential for genetic mutation. The definition of man as rational also enables a dispute about what constitutes humanity: e.g., is it rational to put up a stock of nuclear weapons? Thus, every definition wears, every territorialisationtorium or body, the opportunities that opens up for a fluchtlinie that could turn it into something else.

In fluchtlinien-E the piece gets another dimension by setting the extremely thoroughly notated flute material with a semi-improvisation part for electronics that just has to obey some simple rules. The electronic part is in many ways also an extension of the percussion part from fluchtlinien-D.

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