Subtitle: Six Tones version
Instrumentation: trio (dan tranh, dan bau, dan ty ba)+ computer(live-electronics)
Premiere: 28 Mars 2009; Nybrokajen 11, Stockholm/SwedenSix Tones – Thanh Thuy, Ngo Tra My, Stefan Östersjö, Henrik Frisk

Program note:
mnēmoneuein (prin khronisthēnai)
the act to remember (takes place when time has passed)

This piece is about memory. Memory as recollection, as trace; memory that reviews – memory that repeats. Two extreme forms of memory, each regarded in their pure state, but also as a transitory form, as a compound phenomenon that emanates from their amalgamation. A transition from the virtual to the actual.

But also about imagination and the border line between them. A concealed object that is brought forth by the act of remembering and by imagination.

Video below is from Atalante in Gothenburg/Sweden 2009-04-01

Recording from Babel in Malmö/Sweden 2009:

full score

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