Ongoing works and projects

• new work monade – diskontinuierliche Endlichkeit for Ensemble Aleph (premiere December 2015 @ Théâtre de l’Aquarium in Paris)
• ongoing collaboration on improvisation in composition with Núria Andorrà and Alessandra Rombolá Concert in Barcelona February 2016
• new work for cello, electronics and visual performance – with Moritz Müllenbach and Thomas Marcusson
• new work, seals II, for contrabass solo for Florentin Ginot(part V of Cycle 3 from synthetic fragments)
fluchtlinien for flute – to Kazuko Ihara, premiere in August in Tokyofinished may 2015
seals I for violin solo and ensemble (ensemble version) (part I of Cycle 3 from synthetic fragments)
finished may 2015
verzeitlichung for ensemble recherchefinished feb 2015

Page last updated: may 26, 2015