electronic music 
Instrumentation: electronic music (for 8 speakers)(mix for 5.1 and a stereomix exists)
Premiere: 2009-03-23; Malmö Acadamy of Music, Sweden
Duration: 21′ 41″

Program note:
ROTATIONS – The piece consists of 48 different voices whish all has its own shape, range, dynamic envelope, sound composition, tempo and rhythm. Every one of these voices rotates at different speeds around the room; the slowest taking 21 minutes for one rotation, the fastest 0.5 seconds. An unbelievable room-polyphony is created. Obviously not all 48 voices are heard all the time, but in the most dense part, at 15 minutes, they all come together.

SHADOWS – “As the ideas are the principal forms of things, according to which all is formed … so we should form in us the shadows of ideas … so that they may be adaptable to all possible formations. We form them in us, as in the revolution of wheels. If you know any other way, try it.” (Giordano Bruno: Shadows (De umbris idearum))

The different voices in ROTATIONS-SHADOWS where all created from one original melody with the use of IRCAM open music, mainly with different scale objects applied both vertically and horizontally. The sounds where created with Csound and the spatializing with IRCAM Spatialisateur.

Under Heaven is a cycle consisting of 7 parts, each for different kinds of ensembles. They are all composed of the same material and using similar ways of forming. This, however, does not mean that they don’t have a personality but only belong to different cultures – different ways of growing.

Recording excerpt:

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