Scritto x1


Scritto x1
for ensemble 
Instrumentation: cl, pno, vln, vlc
Premiere: 2007-05-14; Acadamy of Music in Malmö, Sweden
Jonas Losciale – clarinet, Fredrick Haglund – piano,Alexandra Hjortswang – violin, Gustav Ölmedal – cello
Duration: ca 7′

Program note:
This piece is mainly about perception, walking through three perceptive categories: the active – the medial – the passive. The path over which the approach is made could obviously be many and here I attempt to suggest a number of possibilities. In attempting to try to do something which could (platitudinously) be termed “clearly musical” one has to find a material that can both be a flickering interplay of surface gestures and sink below the surface. This web tries to be constantly mobile – always moving towards the center.
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