for viola 
Instrumentation: viola with live electronics (4 channel)
Premiere: 2006-10-10; Jeriko, Mamlö/Sweden
Markus Falkbring – Viola, Henrik Denerin – live electronics

Program note:
Tautology – The common tendency is obvious enough, but it is also a narrative in the sense that its language is directly related to states of consciousness of a first-person narrator. The text can be read as a metaphor for life: as a movement toward the unknown point of death. Another aspect reveals itself in the inescapable impression that the totality of the text is apprehended like fragments out of a context that cannot be reconstructed and for whose existence there is no evidence in what is literally said. Certain formulations arise that elicit unreachable memories, as it were, memories of contexts that cannot be reconstructed. So, content, a story after all? As little of this as of purely abstract composition. A little of both.
VINGT-CINQ is dedicated to Gertrud Heinerud and was written for her 25th birthday.
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